You’re just moving from Dallas to Houston — not a huge cultural or geographical shift, but a transition nonetheless. Even moving across town can be daunting, if you aren’t well prepared. Here’s a guide to get you well-prepared and enthusiastic about this new chapter in your life.

Best Reasons to Move to Houston

You already live in Texas, so you know firsthand about the benefits enjoyed by residents of the Lone Star State. But why move to Houston specifically?

There are a good number of reasons to move to Texas.

1. It’s a hip, happening city.

It’s impossible to be bored while living in Houston, whether you’re enjoying a meal at an ethnic restaurant or making a visit to the Johnson Space Center. The Galleria is the largest shopping area in the state, and the city even has its theater district.

2. People are among the nicest you’ll find.

If you’ve ever lived in a northern metropolis like New York or Boston, you’ll be stunned by how much friendlier the folks are in Houston. The community is nicely diversified, too, with a 37 percent Hispanic/Latino population.

3. Work opportunities abound.

This may be why you’re relocating to Houston in the first place — the local economy is thriving, and it’s easy to find work in your chosen field.

4. The cost of living is low.

Given the size and population of Houston — just under 2 million residents — housing costs are relatively affordable, especially compared to other major cities. Given the fact that you’re likely to find a well-paying job here as well, the economic benefits of living in Houston are unusually high.

Downtown Dallas

5. It’s easily navigable by car.

This is another perk you won’t find in most major US cities — or most cities in the world, in fact. There’s also plenty to do within a short drive — for example, take a day trip to Galveston Island, or a dip in Hamilton Pool.

6. Getting There From Here

To make your move go as smoothly as possible, you’ll want to ensure that you’re in good hands. Here’s a list of the top three moving companies currently serving the Dallas area:

Cheap Dallas Movers
3839 McKinney Avenue, Suite 155-2030
Dallas, TX 75204
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Olde World Movers
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Euless, TX 76040

Phoenix Express Moving
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Dallas, TX 75207

The great state of Texas offers such a wide range of opportunities for prosperity and leisure alike; it’s no wonder the ads claim “It’s like a whole other country.” Indeed, though Houston is only a few hours’ drive from Dallas, a whole new world is awaiting you on the other side of that highway. Whether your move is being made for personal or professional reasons, you won’t regret your time in Houston for a minute. Best of luck to you as you embark on your new adventure!

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